Fish Tail Bo Ssäm ( Friday 7th April Good Friday )


Something really special for Good Friday !


Bo Ssäm  or Bossam is normally pork dish in Korean cuisine. It usually consists of pork shoulder that is boiled in spices and thinly sliced. The meat is served with side dishes such as spicy radish salad, sliced raw garlic, ssamjang,  kimchi, and ssam vegetables such as lettuce, kkaennip, and inner leaves of a napa cabbage.

Since discovering this dish I’ve just loved having it with seafood and the fishtail is perfect fir it as only has one long bone in the center much like any cut of meat. We are preparing this dish in the very same way as a traditional Bo Ssäm with all the little extras so its a real feast and great friday night takeaway vibe

The fish we are going to use is going to depend on the fishing as we are due some bad weather next week. It could be Salmon or hake or Halibut or if we can get some line caught xl white pollock it would be great. Regardless of the species this dish and all its trimmings will be a real treat and has the added bonus of being super healthy.

*This meal feeds 2-4 comfortably

* Meal will arrive Thursday   or Friday

* Suitable to keep in fridge up to 3 days

Please note that any other items odered along with the Seafood Supper will be delivered with it unless indicated otherwise by adding a note to your order.  If you are placing an order for delivery outside of Dublin or on the outskirts of West & North Dublin we utilise an external shipping company so please allow an extra 1-2 days to receive your delivery. Thank you!

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