Grilled Lime & Coriander Fish Tacos with Jalapeño salsa (Wed 13th )


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Every time we put tacos on the menu in The Seafood cafe, Klaw or Salty Buoy they prove so popular that we have to take them off the menu 😄 Normally we do raw ones lightly marinated in ponzu for for this supper we are going to make up chunky seafood skewers marinated in lime and coriander and served with tacos from Picado Mexican Pantry, house pico de gio salsa, yuzu crème fraîche, and cheese naturally and a few other bits and bobs we are deciding on.

It will be a build your own event and all you will need to do is just finish off the fish at home before dishing up.

The fish we are going to use is going to depend on the fishing as we are due some bad weather next week. It could be east coast hake or Cod  or if we can get some line caught xl white pollock it would be great. Regardless of the species this dish and all its trimmings will be a real treat and has the added bonus of being super healthy.

Happy Taco Wednesday

  • This meal feeds 2- 3
  • Meal will arrive
    • Suitable to keep in fridge up to 3 days

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