Classic Moules Marinière ( Mid Week Meal 24th /25th Feb )Comes with traditional enamel mussel pot


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This is a dish that we almost always have on The Seafood Cafe menu and every time I travel to France or Brussels its top of the list of my must eat dishes.

Its super simple but also so delicious. We have prepared everything for you with this dish and even included a beautiful traditional enamel mussel pot.

Alongside your mussels  we have prepared all our favourite bits to enjoy with your mussels.

Garlic Aioli, Firehouse bakery sourdough baguette and Duck fat, Truffle and Parmesan wedges.

Cooking of this dish is super easy and quick and perfect for the mid week meal that everyone will love

  • This meal feeds 3-4
  • Meal will arrive between Wednesday and Thursday by 5pm
    • Suitable to keep in fridge up to 3 days
    • Suitable to Freeze

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Thank you!