Cannelloni Deluxe (Week ending 9th of May  )


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Black Sole & Aran Island Crab Stuffed Cannelloni.

Lush Cannelloni with Spinach & Rich Creamy & Cheesy Mornay Sauce

Served with Gold farm Leaf salad and light lemon dressing


  • This meal feeds 3-4
  • Meal will arrive between Thursday and Friday  by 5pm
    • Suitable to keep in fridge up to 3 days
    • Suitable to Freeze

Please note that any other items ordered along with the Seafood Supper will be delivered with it unless indicated otherwise by adding a note to your order.  If you are placing an order for delivery outside of Dublin or on the outskirts of Dublin we utilise an external shipping company so please allow an extra 1-2 days to receive your delivery.

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