SSI have the largest selection of Irish oysters in Ireland under one roof.  

Each of our suppliers and growers were hand-picked by ourselves.

Each oyster we have listed has been picked for there unique characteristics and flavor.

We are always on the look out for more and this list changes slightly from time to time.

Each oyster and farm we buy from adhere to the highest standards of testing and all oysters regardless of Class of water system are put through a purification process to insure they are all 100% safe.

(Class of water: the west coast has Class A waters; this means that oysters don’t have to be purified before consumption)


SSI will offer training to both front and back of house staff on all oysters supplied. Training can include

  • How to open ( shuck ) correctly and safely
  • How to present
  • How to store
  • Give talks with general staff on the oysters and the flavor profiles so they can better inform the customer)


This training service can and is given on all seafood products supplied from SSI



  • FS is on the Red bank (this is a father and daughter business)
  • The Red bank dates back hundreds of years as an oyster bed
  • The Meroir is enhanced by the limestone in the area and the under ground fresh water streams that bubbled underneath the Flaggy Shore. (Meroir is the marine version of terroir,which is a group of characteristics influenced by its surroundings that it is grown in)
  • The oysters are smaller and have a more intense flavor, the characteristics of the lime and the bay carry through the palate.
  • This is a chefs favorite choice of oyster
  • They grow slowly and more intense because of the bracken water (sea and fresh water mixed together)

HARTYS – Waterford

  • The Harty family in Dongarven, have been pioneers in the industry in Ireland.
  • They were one of the first families to stop selling unbranded to international markets as previously in Ireland our oysters were sold in other countries who then finished them in their waters and took on the name as their own.
  • They seed their own oysters.
  • These oysters are feed from the three sisters river system, The River Barrow, the River Nore and the River Suir, they carry a huge amount of nutrients onto the bay. Therefore, the meat content is so fantastic they are given the recognition of being called the ‘specials’
  • The south east current is very strong and salty, this forces the oyster to work harder to filter the water and waves, resulting in a much firmer, stronger and meaty oyster.
  • They have organic cucumber farms directly behind them. During a harvest and after a rainfall there is a slight green tint in the water, giving a sweetness to the oyster.


  • The Kelly family are world renowned, their family has been farming and fishing oysters since 1501.
  • The bay where they are grown, has he Atlantic in front of them, Connemara to the left and Galway to the right.
  • There is a huge water exchange at this bay, which mix’s and feed’s the oysters which gives them there beautiful
  • They are very creamy and rich.


  • The Kelly family are also responsible for our native oysters which we only stock with months with an R in it (Sept – April)
  • They use the other months to replenish the stock as they were overeaten for years.
  • The taste improves as the weather gets colder
  • They are much flatter, a firm and tight oyster
  • The flavor profile is completely different to that of a rock oyster

Old Farm – Lissadell Sligo

  • These oysters are farmed by Charlie and his family just behind their beachside farm
  • They are beach grown so therefore have that unmistakable beach / salty flavor
  • Medium size oyster with rich creamy meats

Connemara Rocks – Lissadell Sligo

  • Farmed by Simon and his family who also farm our Mussels
  • These oysters enjoy a unique habitat in the sheltered bay of Ballinakill
  • influenced and refreshed by the North Atlantic drift and other subsurface currents.
  • They are meaty with lovely clear flavor with some grassy tones