• 1 Whole brown Irish crab
  • Sourdough bread
  • Butter
  • Tabasco
  • Lemon
  • Bunch of Chives
  • Bunch of Chervil
  • ½ diced cucumber
  • Dollop of Mayo

To Cook The Crab

  • We always put ours into the freezer for 20min before, so they go into deep sleep before cooking.
  • Add the now sleepy crab to heavily salted boiling water and cook with lid on for 8-10 min depending on the size ( 600g)
  • Grab yourself a little hammer, nutcracker and some sort of pic and begin the task for getting all the lovely white meat from the legs, claws and main body of the crab. Inside the brown shell of the crab you will find the amazing brown meat.
  • Scoop this out with a spoon. While this job takes a little while the results are so amazing and the flavour is so sweet compared to store bought plus if you have kids this is great for them and will encourage them to try the sweet meat.
  • In a bowl add the brown meat, Mayo, squeeze of lemon, dash of tabasco and mix well. Leave aside in fridge until your ready
  • In another bowl add all the white meat, punch of Chives and chervil and diced cucumber and mix well
  • Slice your sourdough and butter both sides with butter and place in warm pan and toast, Once toasted you can assemble your dish
  • To assemble, simply top the warm buttered toast with the brown meat and place on your plate and pour over your white crab mix. Serve with wedges of lemon and Tabasco in the side
    Video on Youtube here

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